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Yanji site training report

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Equipment:N6 Undergroud pipeline amperemetery detector

Dealer: time peak
Location: Yanji
Time: 2014-4-19
Trainer: Liufei

Training Objective:

1. How to properly use the equipment;

2. exclusion of other interference and non-detection signal branching pipe

3. Read the value and assess pipeline condition.

Training course:



Because the soil composition, the resistance too high. originally host connect the pipe near the building, it’s easy to cause the signal diverted.

In this place resistance value is displayed as <300, host level at 7, power <6W, the current <200mA. But the main channel detected no signal. The signal goes other pipeline.

Change host position to other side of pipeline.

After connection, the resistance value is displayed as 280, host level at 6, power 6W, the current 290mA. And the signal goes on the right line.

After detection, there found out 5 points of pipeline lackage. 4 of 5 were anticorrosive coating breaking, and found out 1 pipeline damage.

Training ends


The soil here is very loose with gravel.


The green house in the middle is a distribution room, the cable line were very near to the pipeline.


Boiler room, the pipeline was right side of this picture under the mounds. And a cable line nearby, somehow it has some weak signal. 

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