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  • Name:RT1060 drainage pipe inspection robot
  • Brand:Discory
  • Model:RT1060

Function and use:

Which can be used inside the drain pipe pipeline robot detection and imaging measurements, with strong dynamic performance, driving ability and a strong obstacle, even in the harsh conditions of the pipeline can work.

General in 200 ~ 2000mm diameter pipe

Product Description:

Which can be used inside the drain pipe pipeline robot detection and imaging measurements, with strong dynamic performance, driving ability and a strong obstacle, even in the harsh conditions of the pipeline can work.

Can achieve drains remote visual inspection work: it can detect broken pipes, corrosion and weld quality: The use of pattern recognition and neural network and a series of image processing technology, the collected images for further processing, better recognition pipeline disease case, the auxiliary pipeline damage is determined manually, reducing the chance of error, improve the detection efficiency; use of real-time digital compass collection robot pose data using neural network method for automatic correction control, the robot more intelligent, humane , the operation more simple and convenient.



control unit:

Portable operating control unit, an operation button on the operator control panel designed and arranged according to the theory of ergonomics, set the camera tractor and lighting control in one operation. The control unit may also be an external display device, such as a laptop, MP4, LCD, etc. for displaying the entire system is running real-time information.

Size: 360 * 270 * 160

Weight: 4KG

Waterproof grade: 1P68



Strong drive capability, six synchronous drive; l

High chassis design, obstacle stronger; l

Low center of gravity design, walking more stable; l

Built-in electronic compass, real-time monitoring robot posture, prevent rollover robot, while real-time feedback pipe slope, local maximum climbing: -25 ° ~ + 30 °; l

The detection process can accurately identify the characteristics of the disease, to pinpoint the location of the disease; l

Video capture and display memory can be configured according to user needs MP4, industrial computer or laptop; l

Detection more efficient, more reliable; l

Humane control device and software interface design, professional equipment designs.



Electric cars Tractor: Modular design for quick assembly; can achieve stable pose real-time control; the use of leak detection module to detect security measures; standard type suitable for 200 ~ 1200mm diameter, and extends to 2000mm

Water depth: 5m (tractor internal pressure)


Electric lift racks, or manual lifting frame

Extended to large diameter electric frame 

Wide-angle camera or 40 times zoom camera,

Rear view camera, built-in lights 

Pipe deformation and contouring that is three-dimensional imaging system piping




Main cable:

Kevlar braided sheath at the external as polyurethane, high strength and wear resistance.

Maximum carrying capacity: 300kg

The cable diameter: 7.8mm

Basis weight: 90g / m


Electric winch unit:

Electric reel, with automatic discharge cable function, according to the control command when crawling in the inner tube forward and back, can be achieved with a cable crawler synchronization free retractable, automatic cable neat row.

The main cable up to 500m, to meet the needs of the actual working conditions.

With a cable length counter, display real-time calculation of crawling through the code wheel to go the distance.

DIP switches on the control panel with a file, you can adjust the winch in automatic or manual closing / discharge line mode


Zoom Camera:

High-density material camera with rotating camera. 10x optical cross-focus, 4x digital zoom, remote zoom.

Horizontal scan: 460TV 11nes

Sensitivity: 1.01ux

Housing diameter: 65mm

Head Diameter: 80mm

Water depth: 5m

Observation Angle: ± 135 °

Rotation: 360 ° free rotation

High Brightness LED (500000 hours life)

Professional pipe inspection software:

Pipeline inspection video real-time display, save, playback function; measurements based on image processing algorithms pipeline damage geometry;

Pipeline inspection database; automatically generated test report.






RT1060 drainage pipe inspection robot.pdf


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